We are creating a unique place for people to learn English

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studenz is a London-based organization specializing in online English language teaching. Our innovative new platform will offer:

  • Interactive English language learning activities
  • Social networking features for members
  • Access on the web and native iOS and Android mobile apps

Our platform will be ready in July 2022

English learning

Our aim is to help you speak and write correct English whatever your level. We do this by focusing on essential grammar and typical difficulties in English as well as providing opportunities to practise English as much as possible.

We will be offering the following English learning activities at a very low cost

  • Regular live classes and events using integrated Zoom and chat
  • Groups and discussions hosted by teachers
  • Chat directly with teachers
  • Online teaching material and exercises

Social network

Community is an integral part of our platform as we believe that each member can contribute to and enhance the learning experience of other members. Social networking features will be available free of charge to all members and will include:

  • Group and private chat with other members
  • Search for and chat with other members based on location, interests, and native language
  • Ability to post in discussion groups based on topics
  • Participation in free Livestream events organised by teachers
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