Start Language Exchange Chat Online

Real-time chat is exciting. It is easier to talk to your language exchange partner, practice regularly and become fluent faster. There is no less waiting and wondering. You do not need to wait forever for a reply. Just pick a timing that fits you and your partner’s schedule. Go online and make the best out of language exchange chat! Note: You can always send messages that are completely secure and private.

What are the Ways to Connect?

We offer three options for our instant language exchange chat:

  • One-to-one private chat
  • Create or join language chatrooms
  • Video chat

FAQs about Language Exchange Chat

  1. What is the difference between language exchange private messaging and the chat system?
    Private Messaging: Send messages to individual users even when the language partners you are writing to are not online.
    Chat: Allows users to have real-time conversations with other online users.

  2. Is there an invisible mode when online?
    Open the chat settings and make yourself invisible while staying online.

  3. Does anyone moderate the chat?
    Our team of moderators watch out for inappropriate content and take action. Accounts that are used inappropriately may be blocked or deleted. Language exchange chat users can report potentially harmful, inappropriate and abusive content to administrators.

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