Our Discussion feature offers another way to connect with other people and also to practice languages.

A Discussion is essentially a short post to which other users can respond. A Discussion can take the form of asking a question, introducing yourself, or just posting something you find interesting.


  • Starting a discussion
    - Create a new post on our Discussion section
    - When creating the post you will be asked to select the language and the category of the post and also the country that you are based in
    - Discussion categories are: 'Ask a question', 'Seeking a language exchange', 'Looking to meet people', 'About me' and 'General'
    - You can also select whether your Discussion is going to be available to all users, just 'friends' or private
    - Once the new Discussion has been approved by a moderator it will appear on the Discussions page

  • Joining a Discussion
    - Users can browse through the Discussions or search for specific types of Discussions based on category, language, and country
    - To enter the Discussion users simply 'join' the Discussion and start posting comments


  • Who can create a Discussion?
    Any user can post and join Discussions

  • Can a Discussion be about anything?
    Yes, but we do not allow inappropriate, offensive, illegal or commercial Discussions. All new Discussions have to be approved by a moderator. Comments made on Discussions are also monitored by moderators and any inappropriate posts are removed; users can also report posts.

  • Are there notifications of new comments on a Discussion?
    The creator of the Discussion will receive a notification every time there is a new comment added. If you join a Discussion you will not receive notifications but can easily access Discussions you have joined by clicking 'Joined discussions' in the sidebar.

  • Can the creator of a Discussion control who can join, view or comment on it?
    Yes, the creator of a Discussion has full control over who can view, join or comment on it

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