These are answers to some common questions about the studenz site. If you need any additional information please contact us


  • Can anyone join studenz?
    Anyone aged 16 or over can join studenz; there is no upper age limit

  • Is it necessary to be a student to join?
    It is not necessary to be a student to join studenz

  • Does it cost anything to join or use studenz?
    Studenz is completely free to join and to use

  • Can I cancel my account if I no longer want to use it?
    Yes, it is easy to cancel or hide your account from your individual 'Control Panel' which is accessible to all logged-in users

  • Will studenz be introducing more features?
    Yes, we have ambitious plans to improve and enhance our site with new features in the near future

  • Where is studenz based?
    Studenz is entirely web-based but our offices are in London, UK


  • Can I search for other users using search criteria from any combination of the profile fields?
    Yes, our search form is very flexible

  • Is it possible to restrict who can communicate with me?
    Yes, our 'matchmaker' feature enables you to only allow other users meeting certain criteria that you specify to send you messages or friendship requests. All users can also individually block other users if they do not wish to be contacted by them.

  • How will I know if someone has sent me a message?
    You will receive an email notification each time someone sends you a message; if you want you can disable this feature. The number of unread messages is also indicated on the message icons when you are logged in.

  • Is user activity moderated?
    Yes. We have a strict policy of removing and preventing scammers and other users who use our site to send or post inappropriate, abusive or offensive message and content. Users can easily notify studenz support of users who use the site inappropriately.


  • What are Discussions?
    Discussions is a feature on our site that allows users to post questions, comments, news etc and other users can respond.

  • Is it possible to start a Discussion on any subject?
    In principle, yes. However, all new Discussions have to be first approved by a moderator before going live. Offensive, rude or commercial posts will not be approved.

  • Do users receive notifications of new comments on a Discussion they have created/joined?
    Currently, only the creator of the Discussion received notification of the new comments


  • Are the chatrooms on studenz the same as messages?
    Our chatrooms use a separate system from the messages sent on the language exchange. It is only possible to use our chatrooms to chat with other users when you (and they) are online

  • Is it possible to hide oneself from other online users on chat?
    Yes, you can hide the fact that you are online by making yourself 'Unavailable' in chat settings

  • Is it possible to make video calls with other users?
    Yes, there is a video system integrated into the chat software