Once you have signed up as a free member you can access our member database which enables you to meet other users to exchange languages.

What is a language exchange?
A language exchange is when 2 people with different native languages help each other learn or practice each other's language. Typically a language exchange will involve arranging to meet in person or online (Skype) and spending half the time speaking in each language.

    How our language exchange works

    1. Register for free
    2. Search the member database using different search criteria: by language(s) spoken, age, gender, location, nationality, interests and more (see a screenshot of the search form below)
    3. Communicate with other members with private messaging
    4. Arrange to meet in person, online or by email correspondence for a language exchange

    What are the advantages of language exchanges?

    • A practical and easy way to learn or practice other languages
    • A great way to meet new people
    • It's free!


    What is Language Exchange?

    When you’re learning something new, there’s often nothing that beats real-life practice. The trouble is, even in our well-connected world, finding the right people to practice a new language with can be difficult. At Studenz, we’ve created a service that makes connecting with people who speak other languages simple! It’s couldn’t be easier for people of different native languages to get together and practice; just search for other members, make a connection, then arrange to meet – either in person or online.

    How does language exchange work?

    When you join language exchange, you’ll create a quick profile that outlines the languages you speak, your nationality, your location, your age, your gender and any interests you have. After creating your profile, you’ll then be able to search other members based on their information. When you find someone you’d like to connect with, you can send a private message to organise exchanging languages. At a typical language exchange meeting both people will speak each language for some of the time – but you can arrange an exchange in any way that suits you. Every language exchange we help to establish is friendly and informal!

    How do people learn?

    There’s no right or wrong way to use language exchange. Some people like to connect in person; arranging to meet up if they’re local, whereas other people like to connect online; using video calling or an instant chat service to get together over longer distances. If a time or location differences make connecting tricky, then some members choose to write to each other instead, practising their written language skills over email. However you’d like to learn, there will be another language exchange member who’s a perfect match!

    What are the benefits of language exchange?

    Learning or practising a language with the help of formal lessons or a tutor can sometimes be a little intimidating – but with language exchange, practice becomes friendly and fun. Language exchange gives you the opportunity to meet other people who are interested in languages – and offers the chance to experience and understand the culture that goes hand-in-hand with a new language – something that can be difficult to appreciate when you’re reading a book or taking a lesson. There’s science behind language exchange too. Studies prove that sharing experiences with other people make us feel more positive about them – so, learning or practicing a language is likely to be more effective when you’re connecting with a real person! Of course, it’s always useful to have some to be accountable to as well, especially when you can support each other with advice and encouragement. We’ve done everything possible to make finding this kind of language connection as simple as possible!

    How much does language exchange cost?

    Language exchange is completely free. Just set up your profile and you can start making connections today!

    What’s the next step?

    If you’d like to connect with people who’ll make learning and practising an extra language interesting and exciting – then signing up for our language exchange service is the next step; it’s free of charge and takes less than a minute! As a member, you can search far and wide to find your perfect language exchange partner. Get your free language exchange journey started by completing a few details!