Enroll Yourself In Language Exchange Online With the Relaunch Of Studenz

Enroll Yourself In Language Exchange Online With the Relaunch Of Studenz

We are excited to announce the launch of our new language exchange website, studenz.com, previous known as directlingua.com

All accounts on directlingua.com have been transferred to studenz.com and users can login in on studenz.com using the same email/username and password.

What's changed with the new studenz.com site?

  • New easy-to-use design
  • Basic and advanced search with private messaging
  • NEW! Chatrooms for online users
  • NEW! 'Discussions' - a new way to share ideas and interact with other members
  • NEW! Matchmaker - automatically be notified of new users who meet your saved search criteria (optional)

Join a growing language exchange community and meet individuals from all around the world. From the comfort of your own home, you may connect, communicate, and discuss while improving your language skills.

It is quite natural to have questions when learning a new language a native speaker would be the best person to answer your questions Improve your language abilities, engage with other students, and start a conversation in the chatroom. Studenz is a fun way to study a language that goes beyond standard lessons. You and your language partner are each other's teachers in this situation. Make the most of your time together, encourage one another, and stay motivated.

Studenz is a platform for exchanging ideas. It is a melting pot of cultures, a platform for improving communication skills, and a gathering place for learners from all over the world.

Language exchanges are a great way to practise your oral communication skills since they are all about speaking with people. Experiment with different phrases and sentences, concentrate on grammatical issues, and don't be scared to utilise topics from the class! Don't be embarrassed if you make a mistake now and again because your partner is learning a new language as well.

Join studenz community now!